A talk show about green issues and green solutions


Green Views

What is GreenViews?

GreenViews is a new online television talk show, which through the lens of business and finance, shines the spotlight on green issues and green solutions.

How is GreenViews different from other talk shows?

GreenViews aims to bring "green" onto centre stage.  Often marginalized on broadcasting networks, green issues and solutions rarely get the spotlight.  Additionally, green themes are rarely presented with professional flair and expertise.  With conservation biologist and TV presenter Dr. Laura Penn as host, GreenViews has an edge.

What is the benefit of appearing on GreenViews?

GreenViews is a regularly featured show appearing on Dukascopy TV, which serves an audience of 40,000 viewers who are part of the global financial and business community. Viewers are spread around the world. Some of the largest populations come from China, Russia, Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Spain and Germany.  Those wanting to reach this audience with their ideas, opinions and expertise have an excellent opportunity to do so.

What is Dukascopy TV?

An online television station since 2008, Dukascopy TV serves the global business and finance community with cutting-edge information, reports and programming. GreenViews was added to the roster of Dukascopy TV shows in May 2015 and informs audiences about the "green" perspective of business and finance.

Laura Penn

Dr. Laura Penn

Laura Penn, Ph.D., is the Executive Producer and Host of GreenViews.  As a conservation biologist specializing in the communication of conservation messages, Laura aims to bring "green" onto centre stage.  She hopes to influence how we think about environmental issues, by talking less about the problems that we are facing and more about the solutions.


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